The first impression of you on a person is the last always applies when you are meeting someone who doesn’t know you. It is maybe or 1st date or interview or any occasion, you need to smell fresh and good. The sense of smell in humans plays an important role. You are at your home and get the slightest aroma of a dish you like and it instantly triggers hunger for that dish. You can also recognize things with their smell. Some smell triggers good feelings and some trigger the feeling of disgust. At your first meeting with someone smelling like garbage would be the last thing you want.

Now comes the tough part, i.e. which perfume would be better and which smell would be liked by others. There are too many perfumes present in the present-day market and not necessarily every one of them will smell good. So, I am here to help you out with that. Now you can always be confident and outgoing. So, here are 5 perfumes for men under Rs. 1000.

Fogg Impressio

5 Perfumes for under 1000 Bucks For Men

In India Fogg perfumes are trending because of their good quality perfume within affordable prices. This perfume has a strong masculine scent which comprises of scintillating mixtures of the fragment notes. Also, the scent stays with you for a whole day. This is a good perfume for romantic dates and an informal meeting with colleagues. As said it is less costly than many of the perfumes available in the market. In Indian currency, its price is only Rs. 500 for 100 ml.

Park Avenue Euphoria

5 Perfumes for under 1000 Bucks For Men

This is also a well-known brand among Indians. This perfume got the right fusion of the feisty orange smell, the aroma of musk and amber along with fruity notes, making the fragrance dynamic. This is a perfume for giving a sense of contemporary masculinity. This perfume is suitable for formal as well as informal meetings. This is a perfume for men under Rs. 1000 thus the price is only Rs. 449 for 50ml.Adidas Dynamic Pulse perfume for men. This perfume is for those who are always active, the man on the go. This perfume has the earthly tones of cedar leaves, mandarin, and mint. It also has fruity notes of apple and mango extracts with base notes of patchouli, rockrose, tonka beans, and sandalwood. It is one of the best perfumes for men. The price of this perfume is Rs 750 for 100 ml.

Wild Stone Forest Spice Men’s Perfume

5 Perfumes for under 1000 Bucks For Men

It is also one of the best perfumes for men under Rs. 1000. It has a woody and spicy fragrance that can churn your senses. Get a fresh and active you with the blast of green citrus and woody aroma of the perfume. It is also affordable and most popular among college-goers. It is only Rs. 351 for 50ml.

Axe Signature Mysterious Body Perfume

5 Perfumes for under 1000 Bucks For Men

This perfume makes you feel sophisticated with its classy and aquatic fragrance. If you love sophistication with a touch of seduction then this is the perfume you need. A citrusy fresh scent is blended carefully with a strong, woody smell to give the aroma of your masculinity. Not only scent but also the durability of the scent will amaze you. It is long-lasting and can endure your heavy sweat and suppress your body odor like a pro. The price of this perfume is Rs. 225, 122 ml.

So, here are the 5 perfumes for men under Rs. 1000. They are very good and affordable perfumes. So, let’s get going with these perfumes to back you up with their fresh and dynamic scents throughout the day.