It is always being considered that women tend to dress up and adonize more but even men also care about their looks. They also try their best to look good in all the aspects and dress to impress. So they also need many things for looking cool and charming. Among all the thing they do, the beard is one of the most important things that determine their looks among the others. The shape, length and size of the beard determine the attitude and charm of men.

Beard is the only thing that can make a baby faced guy look mature and manly. So it is very important for men to style their beard in the best way possible. There are many Bollywood celebs who have tried and experimented different beard styles over their entire acting career. They always succeed to slay all the beard looks very perfectly and gives us the goal for the beards.

Some of the beard styles of the Bollywood actors are:-

Ranveer Singh – The heartthrob of the Bollywood has tried various looks in his entire career for different movies and all his beard styles just makes him look either cool or handsome whether it is his ‘The Barely-There Stubble’ or the Rajputana beard.

Best Beard Looks of Indian Celebs

Shahid Kapoor – Nailing his performance in his recent film Kabir Singh, his beard was the thing that showed his transition and emotions that he had while waiting for his lady love to come back in his life. Even his neatly trimmed beard also enhances his looks and personality.

Best Beard Looks of Indian Celebs

Rana Daggubati – Famous for playing the role of Bhallaldev, his beard style gives him a masculine look which he has perfectly maintained while flaunting his long tidy beard in different functions.

Best Beard Looks of Indian Celebs

Kartik Aryan – Known as the chocolate boy of the Bollywood, his beard helped him to change his image to the sexy siren. His short beard is just perfect for those who don’t want to grow their beard but without a beard, they look very childish.

Saif Ali Khan – The Nawab of the Bollywood film industry, he has a very good looking fine beard which helped him to win many hearts & the short ponytail gives him a very different cool look.