Hair is one of the most essential elements of our bodies. The style of our hair defines our face structure and everyone is in a constant set of haze in order to pick the best hairstyle for themselves, and most importantly, set them the way the like to.

Hair wax does the trick for most of the men; hence here is a list of the best hair waxes one can put to use:

  • Jack Black Wax Pomade:
    This wax is a little hard to find in India but stands top on the list for the best waxes. Holding the weight 2.75 ounces, it costs around 1400 INR which is pretty expensive but gives a great consistency to one’s hair. The ingredients mainly include tea tree leaf oil, sage leaf extract and grapefruit peel oil. This hair wax is best used for beards to make it appear to look more shiny, dark and thick.
Best Hair Wax for Men in India
  • Suave Professionals Styling Paste:
    This brand is for the ones who prefer a matte finish in styling their hair. It costs around 500-560 INR depending upon where you purchase it from. The cost is a little higher than reasonable because it is not an Indian product, however, it guarantees you great quality.
Best Hair Wax for Men in India
  • Beardo:
    This is the top grossing and widely used pomade in India. Mainly used for styling and shaping bears, as the name suggests, it can also equally be used for styling the scalp hair effectively well. It costs around 275 INR for 75 grams which is reasonable along with good quality. It provides a stronghold on the hair, zero damage, natural ingredients, and versatile styling- as claimed by the company.
Best Hair Wax for Men in India
  • Hair Styling Cream Wax| Machismo:
    Another top brand for styling your hair can be machismo. As claimed by the seller it provides one with a stronghold, a matte after effect, the solubility of water, freedom from petroleum jelly, a twenty-four-hour hold and nourishment to the hair. It shall cost around 350 INR for 100 grams.
Best Hair Wax for Men in India
  • Pacino Hair Grooming:
    This is one of the best waxes used by fashion bloggers but stands fifth on the list because of its price. It costs around 2280 INR for 4 ounces, however, provides one with the best quality and sets the hair for a decently long time.

These were the five recommended hair waxes for men.

Best Hair Wax for Men in India