Considering the daily heat one faces under the scorching sun of India, perfumes are a necessity to keep the foul smell of the sweat away from the body and clothes and maintain hygiene. One of the most prominent ways to keep the freshness level updated is perfumes. But it’s not necessary that perfumes shall last at all times and beat the heat, which is why pocket perfumes are an advantage for men as one of the handy products to carry along.

This article should be able to explain the details of the top best pocket perfumes for men in India and why.

Engage pocket perfumes: This is one of the most popular perfumes that have been marketing pretty well, and also have been developed with consistently decent quality, range, and fragrance. Engage might not have the best fragrance of all but still manages to stand top on the list because of its 24-hour sustainability and price range for 18ml. It shall cost around 51-80 INR which is pretty affordable for a pocket perfume that comes in different fragrances. The shape of the perfume is like a flat block of the cuboid that one can easily slip in their pockets.

Best pocket perfumes for men

AXE Signature pocket perfumes: Another famous brand of perfumes men can easily trust. It comes with a quantity of 80 ml and the price ranges from 300-350 INR depending on the fragrance one wants to choose. The Gold Black Musk perfume is preferably the best fragrance amongst all.

Wild Stone Men’s Aqua Perfume: Another brand of perfumes for men that is very well known for its fresh fragrance. To add on to it Wild Stone has come up with the Aqua fragrance that keeps the fragrance as fresh as one is when they come out of a shower. It comes in a 150 ml double pack that costs around 400 INR.

Killer Aqua Perfume: Killer Perfumes are the best well-known fashion accessories amongst men, especially for their range of perfumes. The best and most fresh fragrance, of course, is the long-lasting Aqua range that costs around 350-360 INR depending on the store you buy it from.

W.O.W Perfume: Thus the brand shall provide you with a consistently good quality of products with a satisfactory price range accordingly too. A 30 ml perfume under the WOW range shall cost one around 250- 280 INR.

HOTT Aqua Perfume for men: This range of perfume is used usually by sportsmen and if you are a sportsperson this perfume should top your list because it has a high range of concentration and lacks gas. To top it all it should last longer than any other perfume. The fragrance might not be the best, but the Aqua fragrance makes it fresh and reliable. It costs around 200 INR for 60 ml.

Jovan Musk Cologne for men: This male’s pocket perfume, however expensive, is highly branded with one of the best fragrances. It is the leading perfume brand, not only in India but the world too. It shall cost one around 530-550 INR for 88 ml.

Brut Musk Deodorant Spray: Thus male’s pocket perfume has a splendid musky fragrance and can be used for party wears where one might need to keep their fragrance intact. However, for daily use, the musky fragrance wouldn’t be much recommended. It costs around 270-300 INR for 200 ml.

The Man Company: This non-gas body spray comes not only in an elegant packaging, but is also cheaper in price as compared to the other perfumes. It costs around 260-350 INR depending on where you buy it from.